Frequently Asked Questions

Do children have to be potty trained before starting nursery?

No, as children join us as early as 2 years, we do not expect them to be potty trained. We are happy to support families when the time is right for your child to learn to use a toilet. 

Do all children have to wear uniform?

Wearing a uniform is not compulsory. However, we sell Speldhurst Nursery jumpers and t-shirts both new and second hand and many families chose this opition.  We do advise sending children in clothes that can get mucky as we love to play outside in the mud as having access to paint in all sessions!

Can parents get involved?

We have an active Parents Association who organise end of term events and coffee mornings for new parents to meet. They also help raise funds to pay for extra activities, and new equipment for the children. For more information on our P.A. click here

What happens when the weather is bad?

We are outside in all weathers. We have waterproof trousers and jackets which are used even on drier days because children really are water magnets at times. We also ask that you bring a change of clothes because well.... accidents happen, and even whilst wearing waterproof clothing some children are so clever they get water on the inside.

What do the children have for lunch?

All children bring their own packed lunches and we all eat lunch together. If children need help opening packaging etc we are all on hand to help. We do make several requests, no nuts, nut butter, chocolate/nut spread, or muesli bars that contain nuts, and no sweets or fizzy drinks. We also like children to bring drinks in reusable bottles - cartons are a bit unreliable. For more information click here.

Do you provide snacks?

Yes, we provide snacks, these tend to be fruit most of the time, children have the choice of milk and water and a couple of types of fruit. In the summer and autumn months we eat fruit from the garden, although the raspberries often vanish on their way to the snack table! There are several varieties of apples to try in the autumn. We also have a go at cooking and then really enjoy eating the results.