How many pairs of shoes???

At nursery we ask all children to bring a pair of shoes for the garden and some footwear for indoors. While you may not mind them getting wet/muddy/sandy shoes, we ask them to change their footwear so that the hall floor doesn’t get too filthy - and then we don’t get told off!!

We do ask that boots & shoes left on the trolley go home each evening, we don’t have the space to store all of your children’s footwear - so it needs to go home along with bags/coats/boxes etc.

CAr Parking

Hmmmmmm, this will always be an issue at our nursery, and fundamentally I can’t change the shape of our nursery car park, so we have tried over the years to put in place some solutions that make life easier………. a little.

  1. Be considerate of everyone - if you are in a rush please don’t park away from the hedge just so that you can get away, the best solution is often to park in one of the roads nearby and walk up. People who park away from the hedge are then using 2 spaces - this may mean that those who come in after you abandon their cars leaving you blocked in anyway!

  2. Please leave the spaces furthest away from the hall for the staff - this way they can block each other in. If they arrive to find no spaces then I have no staff, or they will block you in, and thus starts a game of car shuffle that wastes everyone’s time.

  3. DRIVE SLOWLY ALONG THE LANE - lots of people walk and children are unpredictable by nature, and some trip over lots. We do not want any accidents.

  4. Pass this information on to others collecting your child, don’t keep it to yourself!

  5. If people park inconsiderately waiting to tell me once you get your child in is probably too late. Feel free to ask them to shuffle up and make space.

  6. Sometimes local residents use the car park, they do not do this with permission from the hall. We do have some notices for repeat offenders, and to be fair most have moved their cars before we all arrive, but if you notice any cars repeatedly taking up spaces during pick up and drop off let me know and I will leave a polite notice on the offending vehicle.

pick up/drop off

There is always a lot to remember at pick up and drop off, we appreciate this, and are happy to help - especially if someone different is collecting your child that doesn’t usually.

We have 2 collection times in the afternoon, 2.45 & 3.00 - we have been trialling opening the door early at the 3 o’clock collection and the 12 o’clock pick up, so that you all have a chance to chat with a member of staff and read what your child has been up to during their time with us on the white board. This is in direct response to last years survey, several families suggested more information about your children’s day would be nice. We hope you find the time to read the board and ask us any questions.

WHY???? Because you will be amazed at what you will lose if you don’t!

Your wonderful children will find ways of getting wet/muddy/covered in paint etc, and we will get them changed, sometimes we will try and dry items out for you so please name their clothes - and make sure it is their name! We can usually figure it out if is an older siblings name, but if the clothes come pre-named from a cousin we may not make the connection.

Through no fault of yours, the names in pen wear off over time, and the stickers can end up falling off… so please check every once in a while.

BAGS - please name these on the outside or at least somewhere obvious - if your child is soaking wet and can’t remember which bag is theirs - or thinks they like the look of someone else’s more…. you can see where I am going. We would like to spend as little time as possible hunting down bags/spare clothes etc and more time playing and having fun with our mini-students.