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A day at nursery

I have tried to encapsulate a typical day at nursery to help those starting at our nursery and to give people a taste of what a ‘typical’ day looks like. For more information about the different activities that take place on different days check out the ‘extras’ section on the Fees and Funding pages. Typical Day Information

More Information

School Uniform – We have sweatshirts and t-shirts available to buy new, there is even a bag of second hand uniform from our past pupils which we offer for a donation to nursery funds.

Staying for lunch – children all bring their own packed lunches. We do ask that you don't send in any nut products. For more information click here.

Tapestry – You will hear us mention Tapestry when we show you around. It is not a sewing club, but an online learning journal where we record your child's adventures and  progress, you can share your home adventures with us too. Our guide to using Tapestry is here. The link to Tapestry login front page is here. There are plenty of tutorials to help you along which you can access here.

Friday P.E.  – We run a P.E. session every Friday morning, children bring their own P.E. kit and then join in with a whole group session learning lots of skills along the way to help them become ready for big school. For more information click here.


medical needs

What to do if your child is ill..... 

If your child has had sickness or diarrhoea we ask that they are symptom free for 48 hours before you bring them back to nursery.  

If your child is well but on anti-biotics or other medication we are able to administer medication with your permission, we will need you to complete a form from nursery with specific instructions, and signed permission.

If  your child is going to be absent then we ask you to let us know, either call the village hall 01892 860577, or leave me a text message 07860 471876.

If your child has ongoing medical needs we are happy to work with you to ensure their safety and care. In all situations we will need written permission to administer any medication. 


Securing your child's place and starting nursery

Visit us - We would always suggest you visit our nursery, get a feel for whether our setting will suit your little one. There are lots of nurseries out there, you need to find the right one for you and your child. 

Decide when you would like your child to start – We take children from after their second birthday, but this does not mean they have to start as soon as they are 2 years old. We are happy to discuss what is best for you and your child, how many sessions they would like to start with etc. Please note there is not a minimum number of sessions for each child. If you would like them to start with just one a week we are happy to accommodate.

Book your child in – complete a booking form - HERE - we ask for a couple of things when you book in.  To see a copy of your child's birth certificate, this confirms your child's date of birth and names, as well as being necessary when we claim funding on your child's behalf. We also ask for a £40 booking fee to cover administration costs.

Before your child starts – Once you have decided when you would like your child to start we will arrange for them to come for a taster session. This session is about your child having a lovely time, and a positive first experience. You are welcome to stay with your child for the whole morning, or if you think they will be happy for you to leave then we are happy for you to do this too - as long as you stay close by in case they need you. We will also give you some more paperwork at this session. Tapestry - we will set your child up with our online learning journal, and give you access to this where we ask you to complete a section called 'about me' so you can share with us information about your child before they start. This will help your child's key person to get to know your child before they start.

Your child's first day - We have more details here, but most important, try to trust us, and know that we want your child to be happy. If they become upset for an extended period we will call you, and chat about the best way to settle your child. Many children shed a few tears, this is ok, but leaving them to cry for a long time is not. So we really will call. Once your child has settled we will try and post a picture using Tapestry, so that you can see for yourself they are fine, then you can relax and have a cuppa.