Parents Association 

We are a group of parent volunteers responsible for raising funds for Speldhurst Nursery. We work closely with Lizzie Pannell and the staff to help support and enhance our children’s experience.


We aim to raise additional funds for the school to spend on items that might not normally be available from the school budget. Every year we ask Lizzie and her staff to give us a 'wish list' of items that the nursery would benefit from and then set about organising fundraising initiatives to pay for them. In the past few years we have purchased numerous toys, learning aids and a variety of experiences for the children including Animal Encounters and Ready Steady Sport visits.

Latest P.A. purchase for nursery

Latest P.A. purchase for nursery

Additionally we put on several events each year for the children, funded by the PA:

•                 Easter party

•                 Christmas party

•                 Teddy Bears Picnic for parents to meet each other


Other responsibilities of the PA:

Be a point of contact for all parents

Organisation of:

•                 Scholastic book sales

•                 Children’s’ Christmas cards

•                 Tea towels

.If you have any queries or would like to join the PA then please email us at